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It’s a great series – #bookreviewer Salute

Sue reviews What the Heart Remembers on Goodreads –

This is book 3 in the Memory House series. This book is about memories – the memories that Max has for her first love in Paris. She has so many memories of him that she is unable to live her life to the fullest so she decides to go back to Paris to find him. The book is about Max’s journey to re-live her memories — can she find what she thinks she has lost or is her memory different from the reality? This is a great page turner and a beautiful book about Paris. The author does a fantastic job of describing the streets of Paris and some of the various tourist destinations. Another plus is that we get to once again spend time with Ophelia and Annie from books one and two of the series. Even though I have really enjoyed this series, this book was my favorite. My recommendation is to read them all- its a great series.