It’s amazing what you can stumble across. I was on YouTube and saw this Literature Book Review with a video review of Cracks in the Sidewalk which led me to the site Literature Book Mix. I searched under my name and saw they’d done this with two of my other books. Neat!

Here’s a little more about Book Mix:

Literature Book Mix is a website devoted to literature books. It helps thousands of people every month to find new and existing literature books. A recent survey that we ran shows that 35% of the people who visit Literature Book Mix don’t have a particular book in mind. They just surf around until they find something that catches their attention. And that’s our goal.

Our goal is to help finding new books super easy!

Unlike all other online book stores and websites, we focus on just one book category. This improves the overall experience of our visitors and makes it easier to find relevant books.

Our website allows you to find the best selling literature books, browse books by categories, find the most popular book authors, find books by topics, find books by reviews, find books by ISBN numbers, find books by covers, and many more.

Our team is obsessed with making searching for books easy and we’re innovating how the book searches happen. We’re particularly proud that we can provide book reviews in audio format. It especially helps people with accessibility issues to find new books. We’ve received thousands of emails thanking us for it.

Literature Book Mix is part of the book mix network. The book mix network contains over 50 websites and the whole network helps millions of people to find new books!

Well, they certainly got my attention. Have you used Book Mix? What do you think of the site?

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