Enjoy this great review of Wishing for Wonderful by Maria!

Maria reviews Wishing for Wonderful – The Reader Salute

What a great novel this was! First off I am a dog lover and love any kind of books involving them so I knew I’d like it but after reading Ms. Bette Lee Crosby’s other 2 novels and this being the 3rd I have found a love for her family oriented books! I just really get into her characters the way she describes them and the surroundings just makes you feel like you are there with them. This novel has some family drama when Lindsey moves back home after being let go of her last job and getting ditched by too many men only to find her dad has found a girlfriend! She cant see anyone with dad by mom but mom has been gone too many years so her dad falls back in love with an old flame who as also lost her husband as well. I love how the story is being told by Cupid who has to make matches and make people happy! He has his hands full with Lindsey and she never picks the right guy and now that she is back home it is messing with his other match her dad John and Eleanor who has a son Ray who is also none to happy his mom has a new beau! There is so much more to this story so give it try as it is not just a winter or Christmas read! I definitely recommend it and give it 5 * * * * * because once you read Ms. Crosby’s novels you won’t stop! Keep them coming Bette!!!
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