Book Discussion Questions for What Matters Most

Clay and Louise have very different ideas of what retirement means. What does retirement mean to you?

What things/people would you miss if you had to relocate?

How did you feel about Louise’s attempts to get back to New Jersey?

How did Clay change moving from New Jersey to Florida? Do you think he was satisfied with the change?

What was the turning point for Louise in Florida that made her more comfortable?

What was the funniest thing Louise did to get back to New Jersey?

In the end do you think Clay made the right decision to move to Florida?

If you had to relocate and then went back ten years later, how do you think that place would have changed?

Louise’s best friend, Billie, is in trouble and she tries to help. Would you have done anything differently? If so, what? Do you think Louise did the right thing?

What’s your favorite family dinner tradition?

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