Bette and Coral in NYCCoral Russell is my publicist . She works for Bent Pine Publishing, the company that publishes my books.

We have been working together  for a little over a year and I have gotten to know Coral in a thousand delightful ways, yet she continues to surprise me with her new and exciting ideas and her past achievements. Just recently she was approved as a Reviewer for Korean Literature that has been translated into English; and it caused me to stop and think that I’d like for my fans, friends and followers to get to now this amazing woman.

Coral and I spent three days together at the BEA and I couldn’t have done it without her. She is a smoother of roads, a finder of lost things, an organizer of everything and a delight to talk to. Oh and as a Publicist, she also comes up with interesting ways to get my books into the the hands of new readers and reviewers. Little wonder I have come to not only respect her for the professional she is, but the awesome friend she has become.

NOW IT’S TIME TO MEET CORAL RUSSELL… Although she is happy to be behind the scenes and shine a spotlight on me, there are a world of interesting things you should know about Coral;  here are a few things I’ve learned in the time we’ve been working together:

  • She’s Mexican/German and speaks enough Spanish to get by and likes to read books in Spanish.
  • She’s the type of person who will try the weirdest thing listed on the menu.
  • She used to drive an 18 wheeler and liked it!
  • She’s been to every state except Alaska, Vermont, and Maine.
  • She lived in Korea for a year and a half and fell in love with the country.
  • She has her Masters in English and taught English as a Second language to students in the US, Korea, China, and Venezuela for almost ten years.
  • She won a grant from the McCaleb Peace Initiative to study North and South Korea and wrote a 20 page article about what she learned.
  • She likes reading Korean literature and recently got the opportunity to review Korean literature that’s been translated to English.
  • She loves movies and TV shows with subtitles.
  • She’s fascinated by ghost stories.

Best of all she LOVES to read books, talk about books, and organize events for books!