Shown here are some of the wonderful gals I met at the Santa Lucia River Club. For an author, few things are as much fun as speaking with a group of book lovers and that’s exactly what these ladies are. They invited me to speak at their Ladies Club meeting and before the afternoon was over I felt as though we were the best of friends. What a delightfully warm welcome I received. Although we began with a talk about the various novels I’ve written and a reading from Spare Change, we ended with a discussion of numerous books we had loved or loathed.

I always find it interesting to discover how many of the ladies are reading on Kindle, Nook or another e-reader – this time almost half of the gals had e-readers. When asked why, the gals had varying reasons, but two of those cited most were convenience of ordering and an ability to increase the type size to a point where they could read without their glasses. Although this was a not a book club per se, I was delighted to hear that a good number of ladies had already read Spare Change and a few had moved on to reading The Twelfth Child.

All in all, it was a wonderful afternoon…oh and did I mention there were delicious pastries and cookies.