what matters mostAs many of you already know, Louise Palmer, the protagonist in What Matters Most is reluctant to leave her home in New Jersey because of the close knit friends in her quilting club. Even when the move separates these friends, it is ultimately the quilts that bring them back together. Quilting clubs are a lot like book clubs in that they bring friends together.

It was in my book club’s discussion of quilts that one of my friends, a gal I thought I knewquilt really surprised me…not only did she surprise me, but she awed everyone in the room and for well over an hour we sat there oohing and ahing. We all knew Karen quilted, but what we didn’t know is that she is an absolutely amazing Textile Artist and has a thriving internet business that sells her hand-made creations all over the world. Something this wonderful is too good to not share with my readers, so I thought you’d like to know a bit more about Karen Gibbs, aka, Quiltfairy Karen.

Karen GibbAs a child Karen wandered through the fabric stores with her grandmother and that’s when her love affair with textiles began. In time she started sewing and quilting; then like many young women she married, had children and spent most of her time taking care of them.quilt fairyquilt The Quiltfairy wasn’t born until years later when health issues affected her strength and ability to walk. Determined to remain the vibrant active person she was, she sought a new outlet for her abilities and found her true calling.

mermaid quiltFascinated by history, Karen began telling stories through her quilts—stories of new beginnings, family growth, much-loved animals, and lifetime favorites. She started with the things she loved but before long people began asking her to do quilts that told the stories of what they held dear. That’s when the Quiltfairy was born.

Quiltfairy is a very appropriate name for Karen’s business, because she does something magical with a needle, scraps of cloth and embroidery yarns. But don’t take my word for it, stop by and visit her online shop yourself. Just be forewarned that you’ll fall in love with these heartwarming works of art.

To visit the Quiltfairy Click here