Beyond Betrayal


When Susan Robertson buried her husband, she thought that would be the worst day of her life. She was wrong. Before there is time to grieve, she starts to discover the secrets he left behind. A hidden key. Another woman. A baby on the way.

Devastated by the truth, Susan sinks into an emotionally charged world of pain, loss and recrimination. With a ready supply of sleeping pills and a well-stocked liquor cabinet, she is on the verge of giving way to her growing despair when friend Blanche steps in with a firm hand and a fistful of tough love.

Trying to instill a renewed sense of purpose in her friend, Blanche suggests a day of sailing. Despite her life-long fear of water, Susan agrees to go. When a sudden storm rolls in, she discovers herself in a dangerous situation and will have to find an inner-strength she thought impossible. If she fails, someone will die.

This is a story of finding the flicker of courage that hides in the darkest corner of your heart.

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Editorial Reviews

“I’ve read every book Bette Lee Crosby has written. This one was another win for me. This author knows how to capture your heart and take it on a journey. One that will teach you something. This one was about a woman who was betrayed in the worse way. Her heart ripped apart and stomped on a bit.”

Linda S Moore

Vine Voice

“Bette is one of the best storytellers. This book has so much meaning and many lessons we could all use in reshaping our lives. I enjoyed the main characters reformation and determination to make a new life for herself.”
Sandy Edwards

“I absolutely loved this book it’s a romantic book and when you read this book you will see how she found the love of her life.. I got swept into the book and all the romantic things that happens that one day you can’t fight it any longer and just give in.”

“Bette Lee Crosby is a wonderful story teller. Once you start one of her books you can’t stop until you are done. It starts off with heartache, big life changes and then heart warming love. I felt as if I knew these people and I was actually a part of the story. I felt I knew them all. Such a wonderful book. Bette Lee Crosby you never disappoint with your books!!”

USA Today Bestselling Author – Bette Lee Crosby

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