Wishing For Wonderful

A Magical and Heartwarming Second Chance Romance…

Eleanor has loved John Gray since she was seven years old. She grew up believing they would one day get married. They didn’t. They married other people. Now they’re both single again and they’ve got a second chance at love…or do they?

There are problems. Big problems. After a disastrous love affair, John’s daughter is coming home to live and she’s got a boatload of emotional baggage.

In a delightful tale told by Cupid himself, he is charged with giving Eleanor and John the happiness they should have gotten the first time around. Before that can happen he has to do something about the daughter, which will be no easy task since she’s addicted to handsome scoundrels with sexy smiles.

This time Cupid will need more than an arrow to the heart; he’ll need a bit of magic, a sizable miracle and a homeless dog.

Winner of:

  • Royal Palm Literary Award
  • FPA President’s Book Award

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Editorial Reviews

“This story is a Hallmark “feel good” story with Crosby’s classic humor”

A Book and A Review

“Crosby has incredible gift for bringing you memorable characters and weaving tales that touch you”

The Caffeinated Reviewer

“A feel good love story, full of the hills and valleys, highs and lows, roller-coaster ride… that love entails”
Fundinmental Book Reviews

“This is the story of Cupid working his magic. The main characters all have flaws and Crosby brings out the best in them”
J Lane

for Goodreads

“Great Cupid story. Believable characters with distinct personalities and thought-provoking dialogue”

USA Today Bestselling Author – Bette Lee Crosby

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