National Hot Tea Month

I drink tea. I prefer tea over coffee. I’ve burnt three tea kettles. I put the kettle on the stove then think of a wonderful story idea and return to my office to jot it down. I return later, much later, to a burnt tea kettle. Or I completely forget that I wanted tea in the first place until my husband smells something burning…

I’ve since gotten an electric kettle so I no longer have that problem.

All of this is leading up to finding out that January is National Hot Tea Month! I’ve started a Tea Lovers Pinterest Board that you can follow CLICK HERE.

If you’ve read some of my books you’ll know I have a fondness for putting teas like Dandelion and Elderberry in my stories.

Here’s a website that has forty more ways to enjoy tea. They even have a free course to learn all about tea! CLICK HERE

The Tea Council of the USA even has a giveaway just for posting your favorite tea picture. It ends January 31! CLICK HERE