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New Reviews for Passing through Perfect – The Reader Salute

Rita says about Passing through Perfect
Gosh, I loved this book!! This was my first book by this author but I guarantee it won’t be my last! The first part of the book was a bit depressing just in the fact that life in Alabama for black people was a depressing time in the 1950’s. The author was so good with details that you felt you were a part of the story from the beginning. I love reading historic fiction when it is done well, and this was done well. “Perfect ain’t a place, it’s a time when everything’s good and we’re happy. Folks don’t live in perfect, they just get to pass through every so often.”

I will think of the words of this book for sometime 🙂

Ralph says about Passing through Perfect
The author, Bette Lee Crosby, has written this book with a heartfelt standpoint for every character she writes. She is both descriptive and directive in writing. The characters are old friends seemingly, like someone you may have met in your lifetime–if you’re from a small rural town as I am. It is remarkable how like life and real every one was written. Fantastic job.

Sarah says about Passing through Perfect
Reading this book only a few days after watching Fifteen years a slave I was expecting a totally different outcome but I was so glad it was this story. The book highlights the differences between the whites and blacks in the USA during this time and shows the hatred created by the colour of a person’s skin rather than the person themselves. The lead character is a hard working man who shows a love for all people especially his family and you feel his loss when times get tough. The Author’s heart warming story is one of a series that I will now go and investigate further.

Duchess says about Passing through Perfect
This is my first time reading a work by Bette Lee Crosby, but it will not be the last. I truly believe she will become one of our most renowned writers of thought provoking historical fiction.

This is a tale of a man of color living in the deep south during a painful part of our history when non-whites were seen as a lower form of being. Passing Through Perfect brings the emotions and acceptance of “what is” to life. The one thing that hit me hard is the realization at just how recent these events were. I would strongly suggest this as reading material for junior or high school students. It would make a wonderfully enlightening addition to any teacher’s curriculum.

Note that while this is technically Book 3, it is not necessary to read the other books in the series prior to this one. In fact, I wasn’t aware it was a part of a series until the end! I found myself thinking I would love to know the story behind another character’s life only to find it had already been written. I can’t wait to go back and read these prior gems.
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