Celebration Time for Previously Loved TreasuresMonday April 28th is the big day…The Official Launch of Previously Loved Treasures, Book Two in the Serendipity Series!

I’m ready to celebrate and I hope all of my fans, friends and followers will join me.  This two-day party starts at 12 Noon and continues until Midnight (EST) – You can stop in anytime but every four hours  we will have something new happening…a Giveaway, a contest, a game or just a flat out fun conversation.Caroline Sweetwater from Previously Loved Treasures

I’ll be there of course, but this time my perky young protagonist Caroline Sweetwater will be hosting the party. She’ll be showing y’all around her Grandma Ida’s house and introducing you to a bunch of characters from that wacky wonderful boarding house. This promises to be the best party ever, so don’t miss it.

Previously Loved Treasures by Bette Lee CrosbyOh and by all means, get to know this fun group…buy the book or download a free sample at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes or Kobo. But be warned, once you start reading that sample, you’re definitely going to want the book. It’s a story that’s already n my favorites list and ripe for a sequel.