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USA Today Bestselling Author Bette Lee Crosby debuted her latest story, Blueberry Hill, on Amazon’s top ten list for stories featuring siblings. This story is a personal account of her relationship with her sister and she had trepidations a personal story wouldn’t interest her readers. The response from her readers has been overwhelmingly positive and already features fifteen reviews on Amazon, all five stars.

Gayle reviews Blueberry Hill: If you’ve ever loved and lost a person, read this book. If you’ve ever loved someone who struggles with addiction, read this book. If you’ve ever wrestled with accepting a loved one’s path, read this book.

Once again write-from-the heart author, Bette Lee Crosby has delivered a story that tugs at your heart strings and nudges you to consider the choices and people in your own life. This fictionalized memoir entertains, challenges and soothes. Bette Lee shines the lens on her own family and relationships and allows readers to share a private and painful part of her own life. Poignant and engaging,raw and honest, there is real truth revealed. It is simultaneously, both her story and a universal story with which readers can identify. Like all books of quality, the story stays with you, inviting you to explore its full power over time.

Loyal followers of Bette Lee Crosby will not be surprised by the emotional richness of the book. New readers will quickly become members of the Bette Lee Fan Club. I rate Blueberry Hill 5***** I started it last night and couldn’t put it down!

Crosby, author of eight novels and winner of fifteen literary awards including the 2013 Royal Palm Literary Award for Women’s Fiction, has carved out a unique niche in writing stories about older women facing real life challenges. Her protagonists are sassy, smart and Southern. They deal with issues like unwanted children, loss of a spouse and financial ruin. Readers identify with Crosby’s characters and have turned her books into a #1 Bestsellers on Barnes & Noble and Amazon.
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