Press Release for Grannies are Big Business


April 28, 2014:

USA Today Bestselling Author Bette Lee Crosby, a grandma herself, has found success by catering to an audience few writers recognize. Her latest release, Previously Loved Treasures, Book Two in the Serendipity Series debuted as one of Amazon’s Hot New Releases and if it follows in the tracks of Book One, The Twelfth Child, it will most likely be a bestseller.

Crosby has carved out a unique niche in writing stories about older women facing real life challenges. No crocheting grannies in this group, her protagonists are sassy, smart and Southern. They deal with issues like unwanted children, loss of a spouse and financial ruin. Readers have identified with Crosby’s characters and turned this heretofore unknown into a #1 Bestseller on Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

Crosby, often compared to Fannie Flagg, manages to find humor in even the most dire situation and that’s precisely what her readers want. Reader’s View stated “Crosby’s talent lies in not only telling a good compelling story, but telling it from a unique perspective.”

Winner of fifteen Literary Awards, Crosby has seven published novels and is credited with writing the memoir of Lani Deauville, a woman the Guinness Book of Records calls the World’s Longest Living Quadriplegic.

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