Press Release for Readers’ Favorite FIVE STARS


Award winning author, Bette Lee Crosby, is in the running to add two more awards to her shelf through the site Readers’ Favorite. Cracks in the Sidewalk and Previously Loved Treasures are finalists for the Readers’ Favorite Book Award this fall and received Five Star Reviews from reviewers on the site.

One reviewer from Readers’ Favorite sent her a private note, “Amazing book. I would be very interested to read anything else you have written. I can’t praise this book enough.” Bette is thrilled with the impact and emotional connections her books offers readers. Readers’ Favorite is a wonderful site that offers book reviews, book award contest, and other author services. Reviewers brag they get the best books to review through this site.

Crosby, author of eight novels and winner of fifteen literary awards including the 2013 Royal Palm Literary Award for Women’s Fiction, has carved out a unique niche in writing stories about older women facing real life challenges. Her protagonists are sassy, smart and Southern. They deal with issues like unwanted children, loss of a spouse and financial ruin. Readers identify with Crosby’s characters and have turned her books into a #1 Bestsellers on Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

Bette Lee Crosby’s novels are online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes and Kobo in eBook and paperback. Her books are currently selling in five countries.

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