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Pulls at your heart strings – Silver Threads

Bernadette on Goodreads says:
This series of books never disappoint. Silver Threads pulls at your heart strings with tragedy, uncertainty,doubting your decisions, letting go of the past and mistakes. Then you find hope, faith, laughter, love, and new beginnings; come at unexpected times and circumstances. Just a little magic of friendship will shed new light on your visions to give you the push forward you might need. How karma plays a role in our lives. That when you think, it is just too much to handle. or you are about to give up. A silver thread is placed in the right place with the hope it will be just what was needed to send life down the right path.
I received this book for an honest review. I enjoyed it! I would highly recommend it to any Bette Lee Crosby fans. If you are looking for a new author to read I suggest The Memory House Series. Thank you for the opportunity and the pleasure of reading Silver Threads.