Read Along with Sue book bloggerThere is a wonderful book review blog run by Sue Ward. It is across the pond in the UK. Sue is a voracious reader and I am always honored to have her read my books.

At the top of the Read Along with Sue home page, she has tabs for the various pages – the usual things, Review Policy, About Us, Book Reveals, etc….but Sue also has dedicated pages for her four favorite authors. The Bestselling Novelist Catherine Ryan Hyde (of Pay it Forward fame) is one of them. Hyde is also one of my favorite authors and as a very picky reader, I can honestly say she deserves all the accolades she gets for her work.

Here’s the impressive part...Sue also has a page for me. I am so Super-Honored. When Sue discovered that I have a Private Fan Club on Facebook, she jumped at the chance to join (and I have to admit I was doing a happy dance myself!) She made a statement that absolutely made my day…”I stalk your books,” she said, “and can’t wait for the next one.”

Who knew a girl could be so overjoyed at having a stalker, but trust me I am.

For a fun visit, stop by Read Along with Sue, you’ll get to meet a great reviewer and you can also see who her other two favorite authors are. Yes, i could tell you here, but that would spoil the fun. So go on, jump across the pond and visit with Sue. If it’s late afternoon, she might just be serving tea.

To visit with Sue CLICK HERE