The Reader Salute – Blueberry Hill reviews

We had a wonderful week long event with Blueberry Hill and I received such nice reviews I’m going to share three of them for you.

Laura on Goodreads –
So many times I felt like I was almost reading my own story. Loving an addict, whether with drugs or alcohol, takes from you, wounds your heart. Even though you understand the addiction is behind their actions, it still hurts when they brush aside your offers for help, ignore your advice. All that’s left is the memories of long ago, before the drugs or booze took that sister from you. Happier times to fall back on when the despair tries to settle in.

I may have read this book too soon after the loss of my sister. My heart is still bruised, my grief still lingering. But I found a new strength in knowing everything I felt, good or bad, was okay, and I still loved her.

I didn’t cry while reading Blueberry Hill. I cried afterwards, and the tears flowed freely as I wrote this review.

Two sisters, choices, consequences, acceptance, and love. That’s what this story is about. And the author wrote it honestly, bravely, revealing the bare bones of the relationship. What it gave and what it took.

Sherry on Goodreads

Bette Lee Crosby left out the horrid details that would rip our hearts out, but I felt the pain, as she relived the memories. With the loss of my sister, I can relate to the story on a very personal level. When do you step in, especially when you know it will do no good? We must remember, it is their life. They are a grown up. We can lie to ourselves and live in denial, but what will be, will be. My sister and Donna chose their exit from this world. Won’t we do the same?

Bette’s books can be thought provoking, heart wrenching and uplifting all at the same time. She can make me sob like a baby, when my heart is broken and laugh like a happy child, when a delightful surprise comes my way. Bette Lee’s books don’t always end with a happy ever after, but they do cover a lot of life’s trials and tribulations that we are familiar with.

Veronica at the Book Nutter

It is written from the heart and reaches deep into your soul. If you have ever loved someone through thick and thin then this book is for you. I never had a sister but I did have a mother who went through much the same as Donna did. It brought back so many tears and memories. I am touched that the author was willing to share something so personal with her readers. You have won a new fan 🙂