the reader saluteI love connecting with new readers and although the Blogger Salute is for book bloggers I do get a reader book review that I feel need a special ‘thank you’.  Jan is part of the LibraryThing community and picked up Previously Loved Treasures. She was kind enough to share her review:

After her husband’s death Ida wanted to find her estranged son. Hiring a private detective to search for Jim proved to be very expensive and in order to pay for the search she decided to rent rooms in her house.
The detective was unable to find her son but found the granddaughter Ida didn’t know existed.
Soon Ida and Caroline were united and along with the roomers formed an unusual family.

Previously Loved Treasures was a unique second hand store. The owner always seemed to know exactly what you needed, even if you didn’t. Peter Pennington seemed to know when you were coming, why you were coming and exactly what you could pay.

The author had me in the palm of her hand from the first paragraph until the ending. The people were real people with real life issues. Parts of the story made me laugh, others made me cry and others made me angry. The ending gave me goosebumps.

A good book gives you a pleasant way to spend a few hours. It may entertain you. A great book makes you think, makes you feel. This was most assuredly a great book.

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