The Reader Salute – Cracks in the Sidewalk @kybunnies

Suzie at Bunny’s Book Reviews read and cried during Cracks in the Sidewalk but that didn’t stop her from writing a great review! Her is a snippet of it and check out the rest on her blog:

I read the description of this book and knew I had to read it. What I did not know was how much this book would pull at my heart and soul. By the third chapter I was crying when I got to the end I could not figure out if I was happy or sad that a character I connected with on so many levels was gone.

The book starts out with a little snip from the ending. Just enough to whet reader’s attention letting them know what might be happening. I quickly forgot this as my personal preference is to not know this information until the right time. Yes, I know it was the right time to let readers know but after really getting into the book this can be forgotten by everything else happening. I am not trying to state there are numerous plots happening because that was not the case.

Jeffery and his attitude are forced on readers quickly. He is someone that believes life and everyone around him owe him something. Does not matter if he has not worked for anything, he is owed and all his problems are the fault of others. He wants everything perfect and if something breaks then it is time to throw it away and buy something newer, better, more brassy than what he had before. He likes to show off as being wealthy but can barely scrape two pennies together.

JT let loose the anger he harnessed. “What about me? He screamed. “You think I like having more bills than I can afford to pay? I bought this money pit for you! You’re the one who wanted a big house and lot of babies! Now I’m the one who’s stuck paying for it!” JT made no mention of the amount he’d sunk into his faltering ladies wear shop, or the thousands of dollars he’d gotten from Elizabeth’s father. “I’m sick of it!” he said then he turned and stomped out of the room.

The author never stated something so true. The love between a woman and a man is strong and powerful. However to me that power is nothing compared to the love a mother has with a child. A child the she carried, a child she loved before it arrived in the world, a child that banishes all the dark places in our lives.

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