Media Kit What Matters Most

I’m sharing another review from one of my books by a reader from LibraryThing, Marcie. She read What Matters Most and included a nice synopsis with her review. I really enjoyed hearing that she ‘laughed out loud’ at some parts of the book because I did too as I wrote it.

Marcie says:
Louise is settled into the life that she has always wanted. Her husband Clay works at a bank, they have a house in New Jersey that she finally feels is ‘home’ after a childhood of moving and never having a permanent place of her own. She has longtime friends, and a grandchild living nearby. When Clay’s uncle in Florida passes away, Clay inherits his house. Clay decides to follow his dream and retire from the job he now hates, and move to Florida. However, Louise is dead set against the move.

I really enjoyed this book, as the author describes the trials and tribulations of Louise and Clay as they make the transition to life in Florida. The story is told from both Clay and Louise’s perspectives, and the author highlighted what happened to Louise as grew up — the background that made her so resistant to change. I laughed out loud a few times as Louise struggled to change the course of their lives, and also felt a little sad about the way she was brought up. I’d recommend the book to anyone who wants to enjoy a ‘feel good’ story that is interesting reading from the first page.