The Reader Salute – What Matters Most Review by Sandra

I love it when I get surprise reviews in my inbox! Here is Sandra’s review of What Matters Most. Be sure to stop by her blog, Writing With a Texas Twang to find out more.

What happens when a husband decides he wants to move from New Jersey to Florida to claim a house he inherited? In WHAT MATTERS MOST Bette Lee Crosby tackles the effects of this change on Clay and Louise Palmer and their long-time marriage. In their transition, Louise is desperately unhappy, but she slowly learns to deal with separation from her friends and works to overcome the effects of her unhappy, unstable childhood. She also discovers that many of the beliefs on which she has based her life are not set in stone!

As someone who had a hard time moving from the place where I grew up, I could relate to the wife’s dismay in this story. I enjoyed the author’s exploration of both the wife’s and the husband’s thoughts and feelings. This is a heartwarming and delightful story, told with gentle humor and insight. More than once, I laughed out loud.
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