The Reader Salute – Review by The Page Walker

Louize at The Page Walker posted a wonderful review of Previously Loved Treasures. Check out the review on her blog:

This book is 2nd in The Serendipity series, following The Twelfth Child. It’s pretty much a standalone since the story line is independent from the previous. And if you are fond of watching drama series on the telly, you’ll have no trouble liking this. And I mean that in a good way, really.

“Breaking free is never easy. There are no baby steps in walking away. There is only one gigantic leap. You take it or you remain forever rooted to a life of unhappiness.”
The plot is nothing new. It’s either you’ve read this before, seen this before, or lived this one before. But there is magic in Bette Lee Crosby’s words that glued this together and made this un-put-downable book a very endearing read. It doesn’t just touch the heart; it gives a piece of it to the reader. I didn’t have any trouble liking the characters either, especially Ida Sweetwater. Oh, it will be very easy to be cynical, but it will be a whole lot better if this is read with a hopeful heart.

Looking for a breather away from crime fighting, treacherous adventures, and faery encounters, then try this book for a change.

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