Review of Blueberry Hill by Brenda on The Reader Salute

Brenda from Goodreads has written a wonderful review of Blueberry Hill:

Sisters Donna and Bette were like chalk and cheese – Donna was the wild one, the one who lived her life to the fullest, experiencing everything, scared of nothing. Bette was the cautious, practical one, the sister who thought of the consequences before the actions happened. But they were incredibly close; they loved each other deeply and whatever happened, that would never go away.

This story started when the girls were children – Donna was in school, rebellious, wanting to wear inappropriate clothing and fighting with her mother about it. Bette tried to be the peace-maker, as did their dad. And as they grew, smoking and drinking became the norm for Donna; entering adulthood, there were decisions made which would have long reaching and dire results…

This is a beautifully written novella with a heart wrenching story; a story of a deep love between sisters, and the heartbreak of tragedy. It is the story of decisions made and the regrets that follow; of family and the support base that exists between the extended members of that family.

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