Review of Spare Change by Sherri – The Reader Salute

Sherri wrote a great review of my USA Today Bestseller Spare Change:

Ethan Allen Doyle, an eleven year old boy witnesses a brutal murder. He is on the run fearing for his life. He has a pocket with a some “spare change” and is set on looking for his Grandfather, a Grandfather he never met. What he finds is Olivia Westerly, his grandfathers widow. It took her forty years to marry, she is very superstitious and she is not particularly fond of children. But when Ethan shows up at her door both their lives are about to change forever.

I could not help but liking Ethan, he had all odds against him, but he had determination. Determined to live a “normal” life. As quirky as Olivia is, I really liked her.She goes through some life altering changes, which (to me) built her character. Spare Change is a story of loss , love, family, devotion and redemption.

Bette Lee Crosby knows how to make words flow off each page, and bring (her) characters to life. A well written story told from each persons perspective, the blend of alternating from each (person) worked very well. I got the feel of what they were thinking and feeling. I was so engrossed I could not put it down. I highly recommend to all.

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