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Sara’s Paper Craft – #fanfun

There are two things that I LOVE to do!
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1- I love to read and can’t go a day without reading. I almost feel lost if I don’t. I have loved to read ever since I learned to read. There is nothing like it!
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2- I love to paper craft. I used to make cards. I started about 18-19 years ago. I would spend hours making cards and hours at the craft store looking at paper and stamps! Probably 7 years ago I became a Stampin Up demonstrator and was one for about 2 years. But with the boys getting older and busier it was just a harder to continue and spend the time I needed to on it. Then one year for my birthday I was introduced to the Cricut machine and a whole new world was opened up to me. Instead of stamping I could cut out the images and words and make them big or small. Mind was blown away! So much fun!

Just before Christmas a few years ago I was complaining because I wanted one certain image for this card I wanted to make and none of my Cricut cartridges had that image. After complaining to my husband he brought something he had heard about this new machine called a Silhouette Cameo where you don’t have to have a cartridge. You can buy cut files from companies and so many people had made cut files that you could download for free! And they are on your computer. So just plug in the Cameo to your computer and away you go. Once again I was blown away and guess what was under the tree for me… yep a Silhouette!

I discovered this company called and they are my all time favorite! That is where I had gotten these cut files for these houses. I love how it takes time and it is a bit more complicated detailed. I LOVE the challenge of these projects! I love making things like this for my friends and family!
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My husband and I just celebrated 20 years this past August. We have two amazing boys! Ryan is 14 and can play the piano (without any lessons! Only 1/2 semester in Music class. Wish I had that talent!) and is FANTASTIC at drawing. He plays baseball and 2 years ago was the only one in the AAA that could throw a knuckle ball. Brett is 11 and he hates to sit still for long. He plays baseball does track but his most favorite is Hockey. He is our athletic child. He is good at whatever he does!

If you’re crafty share a link to a picture and leave a comment!