show us your listThere are lots of lists that I’m happy to be on: USA Today, Goodreads Southern Fiction, book blogger’s Best of lists. I am particularly proud that my books have made this list at book blogger Franciscan Mom –

#showusyourlist – The Reader Salute

Here’s the description on her blog:

In the name of accentuating the positive and coming up with solutions instead of just complaining about problems, Catholic author Erin McCole-Cupp has proposed that people who love to read good books share their lists of works of quality fiction that celebrate truth, beauty and goodness rather than tearing down the dignity of the human person.

See Franciscan Mom’s 50+ book list.

Franciscan Mom says: I’ve read all of these books and consider them all Really GOOD Fiction. Quality fiction. Well-written fiction. Fiction you wouldn’t be ashamed to leave around your living room, read in a public place, or have your teenager pick up and read.

I’ve met the authors of some of these books. I’ve been a beta reader for some of them. I know the care they take in crafting novels that are well-written, with interesting characters and fascinating plots–novels that show respect for both the character AND the reader. Some of these are YA, but I’ve got nothing against reading good YA stuff. This list does reflect my taste (almost no no time travel, sci-fi or dystopian stuff, although I’m sure there’s plenty of those novels out there that are of good quality.)

Not all of these authors are Catholic authors. Not all of them are indie authors. But many of them are. I have read ALL of these books and am happy to recommend them far and wide. Also, this list is limited to novels. Because it’s my list, so I’m setting the parameters.

Learn more about Erin’s Show Us Your List movement! Share your list of good-quality entertainment, tag the Big Cheeses of Catholic Media, and support your positive, not-scandalous, writers.

Guess what?

Franciscan Mom didn’t name just one or two of my books, she listed all eight! Thank you so much for considering me to be on this list. I couldn’t be happier.