March is Plant a Flower Day. Did you know there are over 400,000 flowering plant species in the world! Flowers are not only used for decoration but also medicinal purposes. Can you imagine a wedding, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day without flowers? Can you imagine all the painters inspired by nature and flowers? It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of the daisy to the rose, flowers have more than deserved their own day for their contributions to art, culture, and life.

Of course you should plant or gift flowers for Flower Day but we’re adding a new twist. March 28th you can stop by this Facebook event

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Join authors Christine Nolfi, Ashley Farley, Nancy Naigle, Barbara Hinske, Patricia Sands, Grace Greene, Bette Lee Crosby, Andrea Hurst and Dete Meserve for a spring night filled with prizes, surprises and fun! Invite your friends, grab your favorite drink and join the party! Giveaways will occur all night!