Sweet Tea Tuesdays by Ashley Farley on Bette’s Bookshelf

Three friends met every Tuesday for twenty-six years. And then they stopped.

From the author of the bestselling Sweeney Sisters Series comes a novel of friendship, family and hope….

When new next-door neighbors Georgia, Midge, and Lula first assembled on Georgia’s porch in Charleston for sweet tea, they couldn’t have known their gathering was the beginning of a treasured tradition. For twenty-six years they have met on Tuesdays at four o’clock, watching the seasons change and their children grow up, supporting each other in good times and in bad. With their ambitions as different as their personalities, these best friends anticipate many more years of tea time. And then, one Tuesday, Georgia shares news that brings their long-standing social hour to an abrupt halt. And that’s only the beginning as unraveling secrets threaten to alter their friendship forever.

Sweet Tea Tuesdays by Ashley Farley on Bette’s Bookshelf

I thought I would love this book as soon as I read the description and it did not let me down. I truly enjoyed the friendship of these three women and I was with each of them as they went through individual difficulties and issues of infidelity. I enjoyed the fact that the women were all in their mid 50’s and had a background of life experience. The book is set in Charleston, SC and it captures the setting beautifully. Sweet Tea Tuesdays is a quick read but you will find yourself longing for more after you have turned the last page.

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