Polar Vortex on Mid-Week Mixers

Polar Vortex on Mid-Week Mixers

Polar Vortex on Mid-Week Mixers

A polar vortex is a persistent, large-scale cyclone that circles either of the planet’s geographical poles.

Mug of CocktailI don’t know about you – but this winter weather is coming a bit too soon! Every time I turn on the television and hear Al Roker  say “polar vortex,” I want to run for cupboard.

That’s right; I didn’t say ‘run for cover’ but run to the cupboard! You probably have everything you need in your kitchen to make this warm, tasty cocktail when an arctic blast comes your way. My advice? Don’t wait for the cold weather, enjoy one of these delightful drinks today.

The Polar Vortex Cocktail is similar to a Hot Toddy, so make sure you have a nice large mug to hold all of this warm yumminess!

Ingredients for One Cocktail

3 oz. Makers Mark bourbon

2 dashes cinnamon

1 dash allspice

2-3 drops vanilla extract

1 tsp. brown sugar (possibly more based on the sweetness of the bourbon)

3 drops agave nectar or honey

6 oz. hot water

Cinnamon stick and lemon peel for garnish

Add all of ingredients, except the hot water and agave nectar, together in a mug. Stir and add the hot water. Slowly add 3 drops of agave nectar and stir. Rim the mug with lemon peel and add to drink as a garnish. Add cinnamon stick for garnish if available. Note: Make sure to stir the cocktail occasionally with the cinnamon stick to mix the spices that have settled on the bottom of the mug. This reinvigorates the flavor of the spices in the drink.

Many thanks to the Old Town Social in Chicago for this recipe.