Bette Lee Crosby’s Fan of the Month – Elizabeth

Bette Lee Crosby’s Fan of the Month – Elizabeth

Bette Lee Crosby’s Fan of the Month – Elizabeth

I met Elizabeth on Goodreads way back in March of 2012 when we were (and still are) both members of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Book. What a wonderful way to meet a woman who is an awesome reviewer and I am proud to say my Facebook Fan Club.

The first book (of mine) that Elizabeth reviewed was Spare Change. She gave it a glowing five-star review and then moved on to read all of my other books. Now Elizabeth is one of my top reviewers and she receives an ARC of every book that comes out.

We got together in Florida… Elizabeth is from Kansas but when she and her hubby Mike came down for vacation we made a date and met at a halfway point in a lovely restaurant overlooking the beach. I can’t remember what we ate, but I can remember that we had a wonderful time. What fun it was to get to see the personal side of Elizabeth; and while we chatted about books, quilting and needlework, our hubbies found plenty to talk about.

This is a special time for Elizabeth because she has retirement looming on the near horizon, which means plenty of free time for reading and pleasurable pursuits.

To thank Elizabeth for being part of my #1 Fan list, I am sending her a “I Love Books with Heart” tote along with some goodies that I’ve selected especially for her, And on a personal note…Hope you are soon dancing a jig Elizabeth.

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National Hot Tea Month

National Hot Tea Month


National Hot Tea Month

I drink tea. I prefer tea over coffee. I’ve burnt three tea kettles. I put the kettle on the stove then think of a wonderful story idea and return to my office to jot it down. I return later, much later, to a burnt tea kettle. Or I completely forget that I wanted tea in the first place until my husband smells something burning…

I’ve since gotten an electric kettle so I no longer have that problem.

All of this is leading up to finding out that January is National Hot Tea Month! I’ve started a Tea Lovers Pinterest Board that you can follow CLICK HERE.

If you’ve read some of my books you’ll know I have a fondness for putting teas like Dandelion and Elderberry in my stories.

Here’s a website that has forty more ways to enjoy tea. They even have a free course to learn all about tea! CLICK HERE

The Tea Council of the USA even has a giveaway just for posting your favorite tea picture. It ends January 31! CLICK HERE





You really did it. I owe it to my incredible fans that Silver Threads made it into the Semi-Final Round of the Goodreads Awards 2016.


It’s not over yet! Please take a moment to vote in the next round between today and the 13th. The good news is it is super easy to do now. Just click the red Vote button. I would really appreciate it if you could also share it on Facebook and Twitter.

Who knows…

We just might win!

10 Problems that can be Solved with Books – #fanfun

10 Problems that can be Solved with Books – #fanfun


10 Problems that can be Solved with Books – #fanfun

1. Books Can Help Heal A Broken Heart

2. Books Will Help You Make A Major Life Decision

3. Books Offer Valuable Life Advice

4. Books Inspire When You Lack Motivation Or Creativity

5. Books Make You Feel Less Stressed Out

6. Books Can Help You Fall Asleep, Or Even Wake Up

7. Books Make You Feel Less Alone

8. Books Can Make You A Better Friend

9. Books Improve Your Memory And Intelligence

10. Books Make You Happier

What problems have books solved for you?