It’s good to be quirky – Previously Loved Treasures by Bette Lee Crosby

It’s good to be quirky – Previously Loved Treasures by Bette Lee Crosby

Previously Loved Treasures by Bette Lee CrosbyI’ve gone on before about Goodreads and why I love hanging out there and getting to know readers, and here’s another reason –

Previously Loved Treasures was added to the Quirky Southern Fiction List.

It’s number 181 right now but if you’ve read this story and think it qualifies as Quirky Southern Fiction, feel free to drop by and give it a vote. If people vote it might climb the list and move from page 2.

I’m happy to be on the list with such notable titles as The Help, Fried Green Tomatoes, To Kill A Mockingbird, and Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. My stories all have a southern voice since I grew up there and readers have compared my stories to a couple of these titles. Makes a momma proud and you know how southern mamas are!

If you didn’t know the official launch party for Previously Loved Treasures was held over the last two days, so my new release is LIVE on all venues (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo). If you haven’t left a review yet please do. Reviews help get the word out about a book and reach new readers. CLICK HERE to check the book page and find out more about the book, read an excerpt or use the book discussion questions.

Barnes & Noble Nook Team makes my book a first selection

Barnes & Noble Nook Team makes my book a first selection

Barnes & Noble buttonA great big Thank You to the Barnes & Noble Nook Team for featuring my newest release Previously Loved Treasures in their NookMedia Kit Previously Loved Treasures First Selection which spotlights Great Reads from Emerging Authors and for featuring a guest post on their blog.

Many of my fans read on their Nook, so stop by and sign up to follow this fun blog. You’ll find lots of fun features and some very promising new reads.




It’s Party Time for Previously Loved Treasures on Facebook

It’s Party Time for Previously Loved Treasures on Facebook

 Celebration Time for Previously Loved TreasuresMonday April 28th is the big day…The Official Launch of Previously Loved Treasures, Book Two in the Serendipity Series!

I’m ready to celebrate and I hope all of my fans, friends and followers will join me.  This two-day party starts at 12 Noon and continues until Midnight (EST) – You can stop in anytime but every four hours  we will have something new happening…a Giveaway, a contest, a game or just a flat out fun conversation.Caroline Sweetwater from Previously Loved Treasures

I’ll be there of course, but this time my perky young protagonist Caroline Sweetwater will be hosting the party. She’ll be showing y’all around her Grandma Ida’s house and introducing you to a bunch of characters from that wacky wonderful boarding house. This promises to be the best party ever, so don’t miss it.

Previously Loved Treasures by Bette Lee CrosbyOh and by all means, get to know this fun group…buy the book or download a free sample at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes or Kobo. But be warned, once you start reading that sample, you’re definitely going to want the book. It’s a story that’s already n my favorites list and ripe for a sequel.



Previously Loved Treasures – Book Discussion Questions

Previously Loved Treasures – Book Discussion Questions

Previously Loved Treasures is Book TWO of The Serendipity Series. Book ONE is the Twelfth Child, although both books are stand-alone stories there is one thing that ties Book ONE to Book TWO but you don’t need to read them in order. Feel free to use these discussion questions with your book group or club.

1) Previously Loved Treasures is set in the late 1980’s. Do you think this time frame shows in the story? Would the story have worked in another time period? Why or why not?

2) How important a role does food play in the story? Was it effective in drawing you into the story or not?

3) Ida waited to find her son, do you think she waited too long? Do you think there was something else she could have done differently to work out their relationship?

4) In the story we have some idea why Ida’s son didn’t contact his father, Big Jim, but what reason do you feel he used for not staying in contact with his mother?

5) Why did Caroline leave everything behind? Would you have acted sooner or waited longer to make a change? Is change easy or hard for you?

6) Ida was well-equipped to put her miscellaneous skills to work on making extra money. What skills do you have that could be used to make extra money in your life if you had to?

7) Do you feel Max could have been reasoned with? Was there something Ida could have done to make the transition easier? Should Ida have opened her home to him at all even though he was family?

8) Why do you think Caroline made the spontaneous decision to help a mother and child? If she had not intervened, what do you think would have happened to the family?

9) Wilbur wished he’d done something sooner after Ida died. Is there something you wish you’d done before it was too late? The story does have a theme of it is never too late. Do you agree? Why or why not?

10) Caroline worked but had a dream of being/doing something else. Is there a difference between what you do to make a living and what you dream of doing? Caroline doesn’t fulfill that dream by the end of the story, is it okay to dream of doing something but not act on it? Why or why not?