Bette’s Bookshelf The Prayer Box & Sea Glass Sisters

Bette’s Bookshelf The Prayer Box & Sea Glass Sisters

Today you are getting a two for one review…

I read these back to back. Unfortunately I read the Prayer Box first, but enjoyed both nonetheless. This book was a Finalist in the Christian Book Awards, The Christy Awards, and the Maggie Awards. Although it is Christian Fiction, it is not the least bit ‘preachy’ and I found it to be quite inspiring. It is the story of a mother with two children running from a bad relationship and a messy past. When the elderly owner of the estate where Tandi Jo rents the gatekeeper’s cottage dies, Tandi is charged with cleaning out the house in exchange for rent. When she discovers a letter, she is drawn into the old woman’s life and it in turn changes hers. You will love the Hatteras Island ambiance of this story and find yourself longing for a weekend at the shore as you discover the charming Sea Glass Shop.

One tip… read the prequel first, it leads you into the story beautifully.

Wingate’s newest release is already on my TBR list.

The best compliment you can pay an author is to close one book and order the next one. If I put the second book on my TBR list, you can rest assured I loved the first one.