The Author Stories Podcast with Hank Garner

Bette Lee Crosby was interviewed by Hank Garner on The Author Stories Podcast in Episode 512. Click here to see listen to the podcast.

About Podcast

I started the Author Stories Podcast in the fall of 2014 because I wanted to listen to authors tell their stories. I wanted to know what made creative people tick, and I am fascinated by the journey that people take to get to where they are. I looked for a podcast that fit the bill and couldn’t find one, so I started the show that I wanted to listen to. I reached out to a few authors, and they were generous with their time and wisdom. Almost five years later, and now multiple shows a week, and ASP is still going strong with well over 500 episodes in our archives.

I focus on authors from all backgrounds, genres, indie or trad-pub. None of those distinctions really matter to me, I just love to listen to authors talk, and I believe that I have become a better writer by spending time learning about the craft from some of the best writers in the world.