The Best Literary April Fool’s Day Pranks

Switch all the book jackets on their books or replace their books with completely different books.

Convince them there’s a sequel to their favorite book that everyone else has already read.

Change all their phone contacts to the names of literary characters or authors.

Make up a bestselling novel that doesn’t exist and tell your friend everyone is reading it for your book club.

The best in-book prank from one of my favorite books, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee:

Scout recalls a story about a past Halloween where a group of children sneaked into the house of two deaf old ladies, Tutti and Frutti Barber, and transferred all of the furniture into the basement. The Barbers were convinced their property had been stolen until bloodhounds failed to pick up a scent leading away from the home.

What’s your favorite in-book prank or April Fool’s Day prank?