the blogger saluteThat last great book you read…chances are you discovered it because someone took the time to read and review it. Chances are also good that the someone was a BOOK BLOGGER!  The truth is Indie Authors owe them a huge debt of gratitude, because without them even the best work might grow dusty on shelves and remain undiscovered.

Not only do these bloggers give us the benefit of their opinion, they also give us a forum for rebuttal – it’s called comments and you can almost always leave a comment on a blogger’s review – either agreeing or disagreeing.

Book Bloggers do this, and they do it for free. Yep, they are not paid for their reviews, not one cent. Oh, the author often sends a copy of the book for them to review, but shoot, that’s just common courtesy. I think it’s time we jump up and down, clap our hands and shout HOORAY FOR  BOOK BLOGGERS!

Today, I’d like to introduce you to a few of the Bloggers I’ve been fortunate enough to work with…and YES, I follow all of these blogs. I do so because through their reviews, I have discovered some new and wonderful books. Stop by and give each of them a visit, I promise they will make  you feel very WELCOME.


Kathleen Higgins – Jersey Girl Book Reviews – Click Here

Sherry Fundin – Fudinmental, as eye see it – Click Here

Sandy Suitt – Gentle Reader on Facebook – Click Here

Laura Thomas  – FU Only Knew = Click Here

Bill Thompson, The Bookcast (Blog Radio) Click Here 

Best Selling Reads (BSR Blog Talk Radio) Click Here

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