On Thursday, February 21st, I had the pleasure of speaking at a Ladies Tea hosted by the Library Club of Mariner Sands Country Club. It was a wonderful afternoon with yummy little sandwiches and desserts…lots of desserts. I can’t begin to tell you how much fun events like this are. Not only do I get away from my computer for the day, but I have met some of the most charming and gracious ladies one could be privileged to meet. Mariner Sands was no exception.


These are the ladies of the Mariner Sands Library Club. Shown left to right:  Mary Corash, Judy Haus, Kathy Duane, Pat Ditmars, Diane Stockton, Barbara Meierdierks, Suzanne Mason

Their invitation came through Dick, who most of you know is not only my hubby, but also my publisher. We started with a leisurly lunch with the Library Committee then moved on to the lovely room set up for the Ladies Tea. For those unfamiliar with the name, Mariner Sands is a self-contained development of breath-taking estate homes, and an elegant Country Club with the added benefit of a Chapel and a Library on the premises. The charm of the complex is further enhanced by the decades old oaks trees lining the roads.

I did a reading from Spare Change and spoke about my writing lifestyle, where my characters come from, what my routine is and what a powerful influence my Southern Mama has been in this fabulous venture as a storyteller. Of course I told funny stories about Mom, how could I not? She’s where my sense of humor came from. She was one of eleven children and she learned early on how to roll with the punches and laugh at life.  Actually when I stop and think about it, I imagine Mom was a female Ethan Allen, (the little boy in Spare Change) who as I’ve said many times is probably one of my favorite characters.

And, speaking of Ethan Allen, I’ll leave you with a tempting thought. I am now working on the sequel to Spare Change and yes, you guessed it – Ethan Allen will once again steal the show. My newsletter subscribers are going to get an early peek at the first chapter of this novel, so subscribe today and every other month you’ll get a fun look at what’s happening, a heads-up on special events and sales and extra content that only subscribers see.