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The Loft is even better than Memory House! – #bookreviewer Salute

Linda reviews The Loft on Goodreads –

Fifty years of memories are hidden in the loft of a bedroom that her dear husband built with his own loving unskilled hands, and she wouldn’t change a thing as she loved the loft and her husband’s gift to her. She still slept there as she felt that she was closer to him when she did. Qphelia Browne, the owner of Memory House, a bed and breakfast, was ninety years old, but she still did her own gardening and mixing of herbs. The day Annie came into her life she saw that she had the gift and knew she would be special. Annie was obsessed with a rusty old bicycle and spent hours scraping off rust and beating the bent wheels into shape and felt the memories of a little boy that owned it. This lead her to Ethan Allen Doyle and she met and fell in love with his son, Oliver, This is their sweet and tearful story and I can’t wait to read the rest of the series!!