Things Book Lovers Wish Someone Would Say #fanfun

Which one of these is your favorite? Which one would you add?

1. “Your job today is to read any book you want. Make sure you spend a good eight hours at it.” (@craigtimes)

2. “Sure, I understand you need the rest of the day off to mourn the loss of a beloved character.” (Brenna Godfrey)

3. “Every book on your Goodreads Want to Read list (and all you’ll add in future) will be sent to you free of charge.” (Fatma Teke)

4. “I’ve read that book as well! Let’s discuss the characters, their flaws, plot twists, and what you think will happen in the next book!” (Quiana Jones)

5. “I don’t mind cooking dinner today. You stay on the sofa and carry on reading.” (@GingerCatBlog)

6. “Would you like to work at my book shop?” (@joreads2015)

7. “I really loved that book you recommended to me.” (@imkattay)

8. “I can get you any ARC you’d like.” (@bazinga_sucker)

9. “Here is your own personal door to the largest bookstore in the world. In it is every book in every edition for every genre. And you will also get paid paid for each book you read (plus a bonus for reviewing it). If you have any questions, here are the authors’ contact info. Oh, and don’t worry about the kids—we have complimentary nannies and housekeepers on standby.” (Heather VanDyne)

10. “The Winds of Winter release date is ______. (Okay, not all book lovers, but a lot of them.)” (Richard Ketterer)

11. “Hey honey, let’s spend the day getting lost in the used bookstore.” (Beth Ford)

12. “What book do you recommend?” (@4evachris)

13. “There are now 25 hours in a day, and the extra hour can only be used for reading.” (@SweetRobin110)

14. “Describe that series to me in great detail.” (Lucy Hutchinson)

15. “Here’s a TARDIS bookcase. Buy as many books as you want—they’ll all go in.” (Bronwen Humphreys)

16. “Yes, of course you can spend the night in the library.” (Babette A. Stubits)

17. “You can have the first edition of any book you want.” (Cheryl Johnson)

18. “I couldn’t help but notice you love books. I’ve built you a library full of old classics with plenty of room to add new books. Oh, sweetheart, don’t worry about repayment. Just read books to your heart’s content. ” (Erika L. Miller)

19. “All rainy days are hereby declared reading only days.” (Kerrie Lang)

20. “I’ll be quiet so you can read.” (@hrm_1973)