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Tips for Reading iBooks – #fanfun

One of the cool things about Apple products is that they’re all connected. If I use something on my iPhone it will also show up on my iPad and MacBook. If you start reading a book using the iBook app on your iPhone while you’re out and about and then get home and pick up your iPad and use the iBook app you’re right where you left off! This not only works for the iBook app but also any other app: calendar, notes, etc.

iBooks has a number of exclusive offers. When you’re in the iBooks store if scroll down you’ll see a weekly special called Weekly Bestsellers Under $4. Depending on what device you have, there is a section called FREE BOOKS and you guessed it, all the books listed in that category are free to download! You can also look under Top Authors where they have a Paid and Free section. Then you can always type in an author’s name, like Bette Lee Crosby, and find the books they’ve published.

If you’ve never tried the iBooks app before or if you already use it, feel free to comment with a tip that helps you get the most out of the app. AND…

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