You’ve probably heard authors talk about algorithms, it’s how websites like Amazon, Facebook, Instagram and countless others measure the traffic coming and going through the messages or books you have on the world wide web. With Facebook, they measure how often a fan visits your author page, how many articles they “like” or comment on, and how frequently they share one of your posts with their friends. Based on these factors, they give me a list each week listing the top fans. Those people are then given a TOP FAN diamond badge that appears alongside their name whenever they post on my page.

This enables me to thank those fans and followers and that’s exactly what I am doing. Each week, one of the TOP FANS is randomly selected to receive the book of their choice from my collection. I love doing this, it is such a fun way to show my fans how much I appreciate their loyalty. If you are not already a Top Fan, CLICK HERE to stop by my Facebook author page and join in the fun.