Like the New York Times Bestseller List, the USA Today Bestseller List is a place where almost all authors dream of being…someday, we say. Someday.  I am bursting with joy, because today is that someday.

SpareChangeShadedI’ve spent most of the week nursing a bad cold and working on a new book that I’ve fallen in love with. Once I’m squirreled away in my writing cave, I seldom come out for a bit of sunshine and today when I poked my head out to see what was going on with my Facebook friends, fellow author Steena Holmes had a lovely message for me….it may not be verbatim, but it went something like…WOW BETTE, YOUR NOVEL SPARE CHANGE IS NOW ON THE USA TODAY BESTSELLER LIST!

Okay, I have to be honest it’s not in the top ten, it’s #130 but still…it’s the USA Bestseller List!

I couldn’t be happier. Of all my novels, Spare Change is my personal favorite, so much so that BLCrosby-JubileeJones-Original2loving the characters is what pushed me into writing a sequel. So I now have a second personal favorite…Jubilee’s Journey, Book two in the Wyattsville Series.  Ethan Allen of Spare Change tiptoed out of obscurity and into the hearts of thousands of readers, but Jubilee is making her entrance with lots of eager readers awaiting her. Please join me at your favorite online retailer when Jubilee’s Journey makes her debut on November 4, 2013.

In the meantime, if you want to join the thousands of readers who have enjoyed Spare Change…

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