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Well written and full of emotion – The Regrets of Cyrus Dodd

Teresa from Goodreads says:
‘I have heard it said that a man who cries is spineless, a weakling not worthy of his salt, but this I can tell you: a man who has never shed a tear has not yet learned to love.’

The above is the first line of this book. Moving and intriguing, isn’t it? After that,coupled with the title, how can you NOT want to read the rest of the story?

Cyrus and his wife Ruth live a difficult and trying life, starting with a feud with neighbor Virgil Jackson over a piglet. The two men continue the feud to ridiculous lengths, and their families suffer from it as well.

Cyrus and Ruth eventually are forced to leave their farm and move to Wyattsville, where Cyrus gets a job with the railroad, and he and Ruth find a dear friend who is there for the Dodd family the rest of her life.

Cyrus has many regrets as the years pass, and those regrets often keep him from enjoying events in his life. He tends to live in the past and not concentrate on the present.

Will the people of Wyattsville be able to help Cyrus realize how many blessings he still has, or will he live in the sadness and bitterness of regret forever?

This book is very well written and full of emotion. It draws you into the lives of both the Dodd and Jackson families and each tragedy is heartbreaking.

This is the first book I have read in this series, and I can’t wait to go back and get to know more about the residents of Wyattsville.