What is the difference between reading in print from digital – #fanfun

When you look at the history of reading, the digital ebook/ereader formats are not the first change in reading. It was fascinating to see that around 10th century A.D. Before then people had read for thousands of years but the change was people started reading SILENTLY. That was a novel thing. Before that people read aloud. Now books and stories became a personal experience.

In education it’s called metathinking. Reading books silently allowed a person to think about thinking. To contemplate what was being read and analyze and evaluate and decide how they felt about the story.

It’s funny to think of now but way back when, Socrates thought writing would weaken the human mind. I think that’s the same thing we’re going through now. People think that ebooks will somehow diminish the act of reading when there are many wonderful things about ebooks (like never running out of books to read).

What do you think about reading in print or digital (ebook) format?

How has it changed the way you read?