…with a bit of truth hanging onto its tail.

I consider myself so fortunate to be working with Coral and now I am doubly happy because she has a brand new achievement that I’d like to share with my readers. I’ll let Coral explain it in her own words…

Thank you Bette! I love working with you as well!

I was into ghosts and ghost hunting. Those shows: Ghost Hunters, Paranormal State, Ghost Adventurers, I watched them all! My first ghost hunting was in Charlottesville, SC. I was on a layover and decided to do the tour. Now don’t tell anyone but it’s really a history tour. You’re learning history disguised and souped up as a ghost tour.

Who doesn’t love a Ghost story

I thought it was fascinating and when I learned there were tours in El Paso, I jumped at the chance and dragged my hubby along with me. Again you get a history tour about downtown El Paso but with the added excitement of finding, talking about and trying to find ghosts. I also went to a Lockdown at the Amador Hotel where you spend the whole night learning about the history and hunting for ghosts.

Those experiences inspired me to write three stories that are in the book, Amador Lockdown. El Paso Ghost Tours is a non-profit company and they do fundraisers for different charities and the Amador Hotel Foundation. The Amador Hotel is the oldest and largest adobe structure in the southwest and one of the last still standing. You can read more about the hotel’s history HERE.

I’m happy to throw my hat into helping raise funds for restoring the Amador Hotel. Paperbacks of Amador Lockdown will be made available to purchase and the proceeds will be donated to the Amador Hotel Foundation.

What a great story supporting a great cause. Support your local history and if you’re in the El Paso area check out the El Paso Ghost Tours. I know if I am in that area I most certainly will.