chocolate covered banana tiniI’m getting a head start on the Valentine’s Day celebration. We started off with a Friends and Fans sale of the sweet romance Wishing for Wonderful. Now Naomi over at The Pub and Grub Forum is sharing a special drink to celebrate. Share your favorite Valentine’s Day in the comments!




Chocolate Covered Banana Tini – Mid-Week Mixers

Naomi says: I wanted to figure out a way to combine two things that I love. The first being the tini and the second being a chocolate covered banana. I could eat those things by the dozen when I was growing up and let’s just say that I have had to slow down since I have gotten older! So, I set out to play and this is what I developed. My next plan is to use the base for a Banana Cream Pie Tini…wish me luck!

1 oz Vanilla Vodka
1 oz Chocolate Vodka
1.5 Banana Liqueur
1.5 oz Cream de Cacao
1.5 oz cream/half-half

1) Prepare a very chilled, large tini glass by swirling chocolate sauce, such as Hershey’s, in the glass. Return to freezer while preparing the tini.

2) Place all ingredients in a chilled metal shaker filled with ice. Shake for no less than 60 seconds.

3) Strain into glass and garnish with canned whipped topping, chocolate sauce and banana slice(s) !