Dandelion Tea – Memory House

For fans of the Memory House Series you know about Ophelia and her apothecary and how Annie takes that over. Hmmm I might be writing a new story about Annie…

If you’re a fan of that series you also know about Dandelion Tea. Spring is coming soon so let’s plan to make some… This blog by OmGirl has a lot of great ideas.

First pick your dandelions and wash them in a vinegar and water mixture for a few minutes and then rinse them off. Let the flowers steep in hot water for 20 minutes (that’s a lot longer than regular tea). Then strain the flowers out or according to OmGirl you can even eat them!

You can even use the leaves for tea, or eat them in a salad or saute them! Apparently they have more nutrients then spinach and carrots.

OmGirl even loves the roots. She gives the recipe for making coffee from the roots but you have to wash them really, really well. I’ve even heard you can peel the outer layer off and cook them like a carrots.

Curious about the Memory House Series?